Xavier Rock’On Clemenson

Xavier is a 1/2 doll faced persian, 1/2 street cat that adores his little family. He is the man of the house and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He insists on sleeping on his blankie next to Summer at night so he can guard her. When she has nightmares, he paces around her and stares intently at her until she wakes up. When anyone comes into his house, he will hiss at them if he thinks they might hurt his moms or himself. At times he actually has put himself between Summer and someone who he didn’t like. Because he is such a good little lion, he has been named Summer’s emotional support animal.

He is spoiled, loved and coddled as all good kitties should be.

Xavier does not have thumbs so he wont be writing any blogs or designing any website, and he can’t have his own Facebook. To overcome this, he inspires his moms to post on social media for him on their pages and sometimes helps them figure out work related issues from his home office, located in a quiet corner of the house, the bathtub or his favorite box as long as they don’t forget his feedings every 6 hours.

Xavier enjoys working out with Karen and playing with small balls and anything that rolls. He spends at least 85% of his life sleeping and 10% bathing. 

If you would like to get ahold of Xavier please Contact Us for more information.

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