Every time I sneeze I remember that it is worth it!

We went to the Woodland Tulip Festival yesterday and enjoyed the vendors, the petting zoo, the gift shop and DIY Gardening Classes. We walked through and voted on our favorite plots in the Display Garden which was designed and planted by the Woodland High School Horticulture Class, and walked through the test gardens. Most of all we enjoyed people, friends old and new!

Cameras were seen everywhere while photographers of all levels took advantage of the beautiful somewhat overcast day and the gorgeous tulips in every color you could dream up…of course we also had Karen with us who patiently waited for the perfect video footage which will become a special on KLTV!

We were a bit excited because this is the first year that Karen has had an opportunity to come to the Woodland Tulip Festival and she was pretty happy!

The Woodland Tulip Festival is hosted by Holland American Bulb Farm. Although they are open all summer but if you want to experience the Festival you have next Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the exhibits, contests, and special events. It is a free to attend…and to park! Make sure to get there between 10 am and 4 pm!

Don’t worry about coming to the Tulip Festival hungry.  Several food vendors will be able to fill your stomach with lots of goodies!  One of those vendors is Sadie and Josie’s Bakery from La Center, Washington. They greeted us with  a tasty caramel sample of goodness.  Yum Yum!

Yep, the sneezes are worth it! Pass the kleenex please!

Holland America Flower Gardens, LLC
1066 South Pekin Road
Woodland, WA 98674
(360) 225-4512
Toll Free: (877) 7 TULIPS
Fax: (360) 225-8806

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