you dangle over a ravine
you dug

Faith not of God
but by your own power
you have danced, sang and praised

In the light of His love
He feeds you
and sustains you
just enough

“Not enough!”
you scream
“Where are You?”
you shout
you flail around
in the river of your own blood

your tantrum will end soon
In your quiet
He will be heard

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty
He is great and worthy of praise
He enjoys the glance of your eye
He inhabits His praise
His glory is worth noticing

His blood saved you
In your exuberance
In your new freedom
you didn’t know how

your mind is confused
as you try to use two
The old mind still sings
yet Christ in You reigns
so in your good intensions
you suffer
your ministry flounders
because you are listening to the wrong heart

But God is faithful
His is happy you are dangling
because when you grow weary
and let go
He wont let you crash
but in His arms

By Summer D Clemenson
November 25, 2013
Based on James chapter 1

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