Your website speaks volumes about your business. If you have a business, you need a website. If you have a business, you need a professional looking website. If you have a business most likely potential new clients will see your website before they see your storefront.

Although you and your employees (if you are lucky enough to have them) need to sleep at night, your website never sleeps. Your website will never go on vacation or maternity leave. Your website will never need sick days or overtime pay. Your website will never move, even if your storefront does.

A well-designed website can make your business appear larger by giving you a place to show off your portfolio and client testimonials. A successful website may ensure you don’t lose new clients to a business that does have a website because, believe me, your competitor does have a website. Of course, on the flip-side a poorly designed and maintained website will produce the opposite effect. If you have an unattractive or outdated website, you might as well go without.

There are a number of free website platforms you can use to create your own site. I have tried a few of them….thankfully, Karen took my laptop away before I threw it across the room when it was not as “easy” as they promised. Sending emails that don’t get answered is one of my biggest pet-peeves…

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard about the friend that is building your website. If you are waiting longer than a month to have something online, consider how many potential new clients you have lost while you waited. “Bob” might have a good eye for what is attractive or what will get the response you want…or you might be stuck with unorganized, frustrating marketing that repels people that don’t understand where you are coming from. Before you decide that “free” is better than getting a quote from Exclaim Media Video & Marketing, you should ask me what we would actually charge you to get something up and running. You might be surprised.

Can you imagine, someone Googling your industry and finding everyone but you? Worse still, what if you have never updated your site from that one that your buddy created using Dreamweaver? You know the website you got before your logo was done and you moved from your apartment to your house and then into your storefront; the one that no one can update because “Bob” moved away and bought a new computer and doesn’t have the right programs anymore?

The blog on your company website is the perfect way to keep your clients informed of changes in your industry, new products, new employees or policies or resources to help your clients feel that you care about their experience. Blogs also provide a way to collect feedback and interaction between you and your happy or even your unhappy clients so you will know how better to serve them.

There are a number of companies that specialize in creating your online presence. This is the option I would like to encourage you to seek out because if we have taken the time to create a marketing plan that got your attention, we probably want to keep your attention. We will answer the phone when you call, respond to your emails when you write and most likely we aren’t going to move away and leave you stranded…we also have a better chance of making your deadline since we scheduled you in and we are not just working when we feel like it. Exclaim Media Video & Marketing will work with you to get your point across and keep working with you until we get it right (you are included in the “we”.)

“I don’t need a website. We use Facebook”

Hooray for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Tumbler, et al users! Let me just say one thing: When did their designers ask you before they made a change?

Why not make it easy on your clients by providing a professional, attractive and resourceful site where they can see your hours of operation, contact information, download flyers and forms and anything else you need to serve people 24-7? An EXCLAIMATIOUS website speaks whenever your clients desire. Let’s start building.

“I don’t want to maintain my website and video.”

Exclaim Media Video & Marketing is run by people that believe in relationship. Building a relationship is not a one shot wonder but an ever growing partnership. We are here for you. We are ready to help you express yourself and make those connections online using your website, social media, video and exciting graphics. Let us take your idea and make it a part of your online presence.

Did we miss something? Would you like to suggest another topic for another time? Contact Exclaim Media Video & Marketing or comment below. Get your FREE consult today!

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