The better question is WHO is MP-6?

When we got the invitation from The Electric Bean for a free JAZZ concert on Facebook we were quick to accept…and then try to find out how to reach MP-6 to get their permission to capture them on film! Thanks to John at The EB we were able to contact Dennis Yalch, the bass player, who almost instantly said yes!

We got to The Electric Bean early. While the stage was in a moment of morphing into JAZZ excellence! The air began to hum the minute the leader of the band and the inspiration for the MP in the band’s name, Michael Paul, removed his trumpet from it’s case. Little did we realize this was their first performance in front of an audience and that they were breaking in their youngest member, Justin Salisbury, who is only 16 and plays the keyboards like a pro!

The rest of the night was a blur of JAZZ EXCLAIMATIOUSNESS, by this 6 man show, which only got better and better. MP-6 isn’t just a one-kind-of-jazz band, they played latin, blues and everything in between! We enjoyed distinct drumming by Bill Comin, some terrific trombone playing by David Freeman and cool clarinet and awesome alto sax instrumentation by Justin’s dad, John Salisbury…with the help of the rest of the band, we mentioned earlier. of course.

The entire Exclaim Media crew was on site that night so we had the ability to get some clips on Facebook before the night was through. The fun part was showing the guys the clip we got while they were warming up! They had never seen themselves play! This was truly a fun night for us all.

Before we could even drag ourselves home from this sensational show, we got a comment from one of our EXCLAIMATIOUS followers: “Where was this? Sorry I missed it!” Well Jeannette keep checking out Connect the Dots on Channel 11, every Wednesday at 6:30 pm and you are sure to get the whole show!

Until then you can see clips from this event and other community events on Exclaim Media, LLC’s Facebook Fan Page!

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