It was the best of stats. It was the worst of stats….

Every month I go through the web stats for Exclaim Media clients that are hosted in-house & I look to see what’s happening (some of our clients have us build in their own hosting accounts. I don’t check those websites monthly without sending an additional invoice). Each client is as different as their website, their mission & what they do online.

For The Pet Works, I expect to always see good stats. They have a fun business that most of us can relate to. They add at least one blog per month. Most importantly they consistently offer great customer service & build relationships with their clients, who in turn often come to their site to see if there is anything new & fun happening. For The Pet Works, their August 2013 stats are an ALL TIME HIGH!

With over 3600 unique visitors & over 4600 total visits; nearly double their normal stats, I would have wondered what amazing thing happened at The Pet Works last month if I didn’t know:

  • The Pet Works had us publish their regular blog post for them
  • They had an event at both their Longview, WA & Astoria, OR stores
  • They hired Exclaim Media to create & send PSA’s to our database of newspapers & radio stations within 50 miles of us
  • They hosted their monthly drawing of receipts to see who would win one of four gift certificates
  • They also posted some really cute pictures on The Pet Works Facebook & Twitter accounts

Another client that had a big hike in footage to their site was Hearts For Homeless. They had triple the number of unique visitors to their site from the previous month. They didn’t do anything new to their site, however they updated Hearts For Homeless Facebook & Twitter more often & got more people to share their comments & art which drew more people to their site.

When I look at stats there are several things I look at, the first 2 things are Unique Visitors & Total Visits. In case we have never talked in these terms before I want to clarify that Unique Visitors are each individual, web spider & online voyeur that shows up at your domain (web address) each month. Total Visits is the accumulated visits each time anyone came to the site…the fact that the Total Visits to The Pet Works site is larger than the Unique Visitors tells me that some visitors came back more than once…this is a good thing!

I don’t ever look at hits. Mainly because there is no way to tell what that means. If you are looking at a page with a paragraph of text & no art or a page with a gallery & 10 paragraphs of text, you still came to one page on a site, but the number of hits will be greatly different because hits are based on content…& not even based on relevancy. That one paragraph could be very instructional & vital to something many types of people need to know, where the gallery to could be 20 identical pictures of my bedroom closet & all the alternative endings for the ABC song with some amazing keywords worked in & only means something to pre-school teachers. (I am not saying anything negative about pre-school teachers…I used to be one…so I understand they have maybe one of the most important jobs, that brings home a minuscule paycheck, in the world.)

Now, back to the topic at hand…I don’t want to embarrass anyone, so I am not going to talk about the client with the worst web stats, but I wanted to clarify that clients that are doing more online have better web stats to show for it. Everything you do online connects somewhere (we’ll talk more about connecting next month). Even on our own website, Exclaim Media Video & Marketing was too busy to do a lot, but we did post 4 blogs & updated videos on all 3 of our YouTube channels (Click on any of the icons on the right to view our channels). We didn’t do a lot with EM’s Facebook & Twitter & Google+ but because Karen & I were consistent with check ins on our personal accounts, & we still had the best web stats we have had in a while. The more you connect online the better you look. The easier you are found, the better your audience.

James 4:2 says: You do not have because you do not ask God.

…the same works for Exclaim Media Video & Marketing… Now I have one question for you: What is your reaction to what you just read? 

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