A few months ago we were approached with a wonderful opportunity to help out a new non-profit, Washington CURE.

CURE is an international organization dedicated to the reduction of crime through the reform of the criminal justice system (especially prison reform). A person is sent to prison as punishment not for punishment.

Until a short time ago, there was not a CURE in Washington State to support family & loved ones of inmates & to be a positive force for prison reform. If we don’t see the right changes our current system will bankrupt our society, morally & financially. Washington CURE invests in programs that work. CURE supports restorative justice which seeks repair, reconciliation & reassurance for the victim, the offender & the community. This gives the offender opportunity to be personally accountable, not just to “do the time.” CURE would like to be where inmates learn how to be better people, not better criminals.

Learn more about the Focus of CURE & How to Help.

Exclaim Media donated their time to build the website. We also worked with Washington CURE to create business cards & brochures.

Washington CURE
PO Box 515
Longview, WA 98632


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