Two tears fall on your shirt
With my eyes closed this is home
and I laugh


I asked Jesus for someone to love me like Him
He sent me a soldier
to fight for me
to look past my ugliest and remember who I am
to see the path when I cannot
to remember that He is the one in charge


My head on your chest is my favorite spot
the sound of your heartbeat
is just one more reason to remember the mission


My Father has saved me over and over
He created me for a life
that requires much faith
and more grace
So when I needed someone on earth to hold my hand
He created you


Even sound asleep
you are working hard
and I am glad to lie here until fibromyalgia makes me move


Without you who would He send home
to wake me from a PTSD nightmare
Help me remember all the things I forget
Inspire me to push past my burning skin and screaming joints
when you need help
Make me want to imagine tomorrow


Your smile lights up my heart
makes it easy for me to never leave you behind
Helps me understand why Jesus would choose me


Until you wake and make me laugh
I will agree with Jesus in my prayers for you
I will hug you close until you stop snoring
laugh at the jokes you tell in your sleep
massage the muscles that twitch while you dream
I will revel in all the times I chose not to fight you


You are the love I wanted
You are my favorite blessing
When I thank Jesus for you every other care is silent
except for the tears that fall on your shirt


This poem is dedicated to My Love

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