In July we got a call from Living Ministries. They had learned about an opportunity for education and thought that me might be willing to video tape the seminar so all of their committee members would have a chance to view it. Of course we were glad to show up and we even handled the bad lighting and sound with more attention than we usually do. This is one of those projects that we finished a long time ago and just didn’t get around to the marketing…what is it they say about the plumber’s house? LOL!

Cowlitz Wahkiakum Council of Governments arranged for Janis Cleaveland, RN, Director of Nursing; Cascadia, BHCC to join us at Lower Columbia CAP along with service providers who came from Washington and Oregon to learn about Trauma Informed Care.

Janis touched on ACEs or Adverse Childhood Experiences to explain that the more traumatic experiences we had during childhood the better the chance that trauma can leave an indelible print on you.

This seminar played on KLTV in July on both the educational channel and channel 11. If you missed it, feel free to ask them to play it again. If you would like to read the seminar notes or view the seminar in 10-15 min increments please go to A copy of the entire seminar is available for only $10.

Want to purchase this show?

Price: $10

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