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Throughout the morning the wind whipping around the house and the sound of leaves and branches slapping anything that stood still outside could be heard. The house itself was quiet since most of Summer’s family left town for today’s festivities. But soon Karen’s feet were heard tip-toeing through the living room and the day was begun with coffees and warm conversation.

They had intended to serve others this Thanksgiving. Salvation Army cooked a Thanksgiving Feast for the community, but Karen and Summer had failed to get their names on a list of helpers. That didn’t stop them from hopping in the car and heading over to see if they could lend a hand. Summer challenged Karen to a moment of silence on the way. They enjoyed the leaves dancing as they drove over Lake Sacajawea…and every time Karen clapped her hands or humphed under her breath Summer giggled…

In good spirits they entered the Salvation Army Corps building. Usually when you come in, there are lots of people around getting what they need or serving those needs. But today the hall was clear of anyone…but the sound of family. At the top of the stairs someone stood ready to greet anyone that came by. The Exclaim Crew told the friendly gentleman that they would be glad to help were they could, but were quickly told there was enough help, but if they would choose a spot someone would come to serve them.

So…with nothing better to do, a table was chosen and heaping plates of food were placed in front of Karen and Summer. After 3 people came by asking if they could bring anything more the gentleman across the table announced, “They are so eager to serve!”

They tried hard but the heaping plates with turkey, real mashed potatoes, dressing and gravy made from scratch and everything you could imagine to go with it could not be cleared. Before they could even make a dent in their plates, apple pie and beverages were given to them too. A young girl came through with trays of pumpkin pie and whipped cream and even more people came by asking if they could bring seconds.

Everywhere you looked there were people talking and enjoying the graciousness of the hosts. People from all walks of life were there, sharing in the generosity that came from genuinely thankful hearts. The Exclaim Team would like to thank Salvation Army for an EXCLAIMATIOUS Thanksgiving experience!

As Summer’s cat, Xavier naps, we know he is enjoying the quiet of a house filled with people too full to make any noise at all! Happy Thanksgiving!

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