I swim in a pool of unuttered tears

only known by the LOVE that hears and sees and knows

The cool of the liquid

comforts sore hands and knees that are scraped

The waves are red and blue

the colors of you while we played

I know you know that you are loved

by not only me

My arms rest on the water

They ache to hold you now

as when we danced and learned and sang

I know that you know that I smile

as I remember sleepless nights

and the comfort of the sound of our games

Faith in you washes over my newest scars

A great wall made of stone

divides us today

It continues to be built regardless of my hope

I know you know

the LOVE that whispers encouragement

and holds us safe

from the law abiding guards

I sang my heart song into the wind today

and I know you know

I will keep dancing in the rain

until we can revel in rainbows again

where our outstretched arms

replace the miles of regulations

While LOVE builds the sand we sink our feet in

into the firm foundation that calls us to walk on the water

where we will dance and learn and sing

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