The Dog Zone hosts Rely Locals’ First Tuesday October 2010 | Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

On October 5th the entire Exclaim Media team showed up at The Free Networking event for Rely Local.

This fun event was hosted by The Dog Zone. Doug and Jan Kalberg were exclaimatious hosts, they even kicked out the obedience class that was scheduled for that night so we could have a space to meet. Pizza was provided by Bruno’s and an assortment of scrumptious cupcakes were created by Cake-A-Licious!

During a game that Doug led us in we found out that Summer’s inner dog is a Cocker Spaniel (this makes sense since her favorite Disney Movie as a child was Lady and the Tramp)…however Xavier her fuzzy feline friend would never allow such a creature into their home. Karen was told she is really a Basset Hound…funny since her sense of smell is is not her strongest sense.

Many great people were there, promoting their businesses and making connections. All together the night was work exclaiming!

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