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Live, on stage, a group of talented, young musicians were here to tempt us with magical rhythms, Taming Cerebellum is definitely ENERGY UNTAMED! Karen was overwhelmed to be standing behind a camera as this fresh new band lit up the stage at The Electric Bean. We had seen Jeff play many times, and even enjoyed Cheyenne and Matt Dalen on several occasions but never like this. Never this connected.

We welcome you to this edition of Exclaiming Musicians. Exclaim Media is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with Taming Cerebellum.

What an interesting name! Please tell us how you came up with the name Taming Cerebellum.
Ten years ago I (Jeff) was in a band with Jeff Beck and Dustin Wheeler. We came up with the name together because Beck was going to school to be an EMT where he learned what cerebellum was.  I threw in Taming because my mind is always going 800 billion miles per hr worrying or trying to figure things out or whatever, So “Taming Cerebellum” to me means ~ finding control, peace and balance in your mind.

Can you give us the names of the band members and their ages?
Matt Rushmer-34
Matt Dalen-22
Jeff Hamilton-?
Cheyenne Long-15

Jeff Hamilton is the lead singer, songwriter and musician, was it planned to have Jeff as the senior member?
Well I (Jeff), started the band as a solo artist wanting a full band for my songs. What was intended to be the “Jeff Hamilton Band” lol…Turned into a band that was givdn birth to by all members involved, including our wonderful and beautiful manager, Monette Vi. So yes I guess 😉 u may call me Senior Jeff if you’d like 😉

What made you form Taming Cerebellum just minutes after Jeff Hamilton put out his latest solo album, Down and Under?
Down and Under was the reason why “Taming Cerebellum” was born; to give the songs the same energy and fullness live as they were on the album. 

If you had to describe your music to someone that has never heard it, what would you say?
I would say, hmm…we sound like and Indie Folk Rock songwriter backed by a hardcore energetic drummer, with magical bass lines and a roaring lead guitar, plus some hummus, chocolate candy and Raspberry Pie!!!

How often does the band practice?
We practice once to twice a week.

So far, what is the best venue Taming Cerebellum has performed at?
Rainer Days, Go Fourth at the lake and 13 Nights on the River were way cool!! Each place is very different and a great experience with fun people so its really hard to say. Just yesterday we played for a hundred bikers and that was definitely a blast!! We have played at The Matrix Coffeehouse and The Electric Bean and we are booked to play both places again this fall. We love coffee so those two places are perfect 🙂

Does the fact that Cheyenne, your drummer, is still in high school, affect where the band plays?
“Not yet. Being upfront with venue owners really helps. If they want you there they will work out an arrangement, like leaving once your set is done. Or staying in a designated area. Its really been no problem so far. But having your “mom-ager” there beside her helps. First and foremost, she needs to be safe.”

We know that Cheyenne was inspired by her mom and the band’s manager, Monette Vi, to play the drums. How does her mom feel when she sees her on stage?
“Words can’t describe seeing her up there, playing the way she does…she’s a lefty, extremely ambidextrous and completely self taught. Simply amazing. But being a part of this band has enhanced her abilities in such a short time and she now has 3 new brothers.”

We have met Jeff and Cheyenne before. Is there anything we should know about the rest of the band before we meet them?
Matt Rushmer our bassist is definitely our backbone! He is so organized and responsible which are great qualities! The way he plays music is very unique for this area and very cool! He’s a hard worker a very funny guy, very peaceful, smart and great @ disc golf.

Matt Dalen our lead guitarist is very funny!! He always smiles (unlike Cheyenne lol) and he would do anything for his friends! Definitely a prodigy on the guitar or any instrument he plays!! Matt Dalen also writes his own music.

What is the best way for people to contact you or to book you for their venue?
“Our Website at www.taming-cerebellum.com or by messaging our FB page.”

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