I am sitting in my car. It is about 28 degrees. I am hungry, sleep deprived and my hands feel dirty. I am watching people leave a prayer meeting. They smile and laugh at each other as they get in their sparkly cars and go on about their day. Just minutes ago I was scraping the ice off my old worn out car while some of those same people were leaving with big smiles on their faces; not any of them made eye contact with me.

It isn’t like I have a problem with Christians or prayer groups. I am a Christian and you might even find me at a prayer group. I just sometimes get frustrated with exclusive Christians who think they can criticize anyone; Christians who have forgotten they are human and the only reason they have peace is because Jesus offered grace for their sins, my sins, and the sins of the strung out homeless woman that screamed obscenities all night long while she detoxed in the Extreme Weather Center, run by Christians with old cars and humble hearts.

For a moment, when I was alone, before I was reminded of the vast difference in the two groups that had gathered in one building, I realized a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. Although I was hungry, sleepy and dirty I had loved people. I had made a difference with people that have learned to trust me when they couldn’t trust others.

As I drive away from a volunteer opportunity and back to where I work, I think about my old car. Starting a business is hard. It doesn’t actually promise a paycheck and learning to balance the work of a for-profit business, a non-profit business and volunteering can leave you feeling like you work for nothing at times. But just like my car, you can look at life more than one way: it is old, ugly and some of the doors don’t open from the outside anymore but on the other hand it is what I drive while I learn how to build relationships in business that pay off, it runs pretty good and is its mine.

The other day I was talking with Karen, my business partner  and fellow co-founder of Living Ministries. During our conversation we decided we had learned how to live our mission statements for both businesses: We had made connections with people from 8 to 108 with video and marketing. We had also united people that wanted to be united and gave them hope. We decided 2013 is the year we learn to do it better.

I hope I never do it so well that I forget what it was like when I was hungry, tired and dirty. I hope that if I can ever afford a shiny new car that I will still be able to get off my knees and give with the best of them.

Happy New Year! May you realize you have succeeded and begin to do it better.

If you are interested in having a good time and would like to help out a couple organization that are willing to reach out to the homeless people in Longview-Kelso join us at The Bag Party on Saturday January 5th…Click Here to Read More!


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