March 17th, 2012 was amazing…What was March 17th, you say? St. Patty’s Day Fling 2012! Of course it has been St. Patrick’s Day for years, but Living Ministries proclaimed it a good day for Family, Friends and Pets by creating a wonderful family event! In fact we think they will do it again next year too!

As far as marketing we had kind of 3-fold agenda to help promote family fun and create an environment where you could bring the entire family, eat good food, dance and even get real close to a cricket (Thanks to The Pet Works)! We were promoting fun!

Living Ministries’ website is already pretty big and they didn’t want to make it any harder for people to maneuver so, as with the Christmas Angel Telethon, they asked us to build a website for this annual event…so was born and led us in the direction for other visual media.

With the help of Copies Today Speedy Litho, the flyers and tickets we designed looked better than we had imagined!

We created a PSA with all the details which inspired Valley Bugler to donate ad space which helped get the word out.

We also created a second event flyer that had be approved by Kelso and Longview School Boards to give out to all the lads and lassies in our area.

Living Ministries committee members also joined us on Boomer Plus Tuesday Radio Show twice to talk about the goal of the event! To have fun!

We have mentioned our friend Amanda Wilson before and she was exuberant to be the photographer for this event…in fact all the pictures below were captured by Amanda Wilson Portaiture!

An Irish event of this magnitude would not be complete without great Irish music and some traditional Irish dancing!  Connie Wallace invited a few of her musical friends to come and offer us an awesome jam session!  The evening ended with everyone on the dance floor to an Irish beat!  The luck of the Irish will be with us until our next St. Patty’s Day Fling.  See you then Lassies and Laddies.

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