It was not quite 5:30 pm on a Saturday and we realized that we could actually stand in the middle of the street on Commerce and not worry about being hit by a car. We realized this because we had been doing it for a few minutes.

For nearly 2 years we have been Exclaiming the Community Events every week. We collect events from people who know we will tell you about it, search local newspapers and generally keep our ears to the track. In all that time we have also promoted events by groups large and small, including our own.

In this day and age it is hard to gauge the effectiveness of local events by only one standard because regardless of great webstats and feedback on Facebook, attendance is nearly always low. Short of people being supremely busy and unable to be at all events in our beautiful, creative and benevolent community we are left wondering what people want.

Realizing where these thoughts had originated from, as we stood in Downtown Longview where the sidewalks are pretty much rolled up at the best shopping time all week, we began thinking about the people we had watched spending time in our shopping district that day: Families, College-Aged Young Adults and a few people just wanting to walk around; nobody was above middle-class. What did they have in common? They were making small, easy purchases.

The Downtown Partnership would like to bring in a Business Improvement Area, and renovate current living spaces into condos. Did you know that? Do you see value in that?

We love Downtown Longview! We love the general feel of the hodge-podge shops and restaurants. We love the energy that has probably been there since our founder, R.A. Long, and his helpers breathed life into the dust and built the only planned city for miles. However, when you keep your ear to the tracks you hear things that we don’t think is heard by many of the shop owners downtown and our city.

We don’t want to pay for parking. We want great customer service from shopkeepers that are thankful we walked through the door. We want to feel excitement from the people that work downtown, not just read beautiful flyers hung on windows of establishments that don’t keep hours that we want to shop. People truly want to be wanted. They always remember how you made them feel. Shopping has to be an experience!

As a local business, we want you to tell us we are wrong; or at least tell us what you want. If you were to see our About Us page you would see that POSITIVITY is the foundation our mission and value statements were created on. POSITIVITY is the standard of every blog post, every Facebook status and Twitter update; whether it is our personal pages our our business page. Positivity is a must!

However short of great webstats and a lot of “likes” on Facebook you have never told us what you want, what you like about what we are doing or even what you don’t want. There comes a time that you must do inventory and we are at the place. We can measure a lot of things; but not what you don’t tell us. Exclaim Media wants to know what you want and what it would take to see you at all the great events that are happening that you aren’t going to.

We all need feedback in order to offer you the finest service possible.

Start NOW!…That is a call to action, by the way… 🙂

Read the Business Improvement District Initiation Petition by Longview Downtown Partership

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