Last week, Summer was getting into her car and she noticed something she had not seen in years; a squirrel in her yard. Longview has lots of squirrels but they don’t live in her neck of the woods. Thanks to the bevy of great hunting cats in her neighborhood, and the hectic traffic on Ocean Beach Hwy, anything small enough to be caught by a feline stalker is kept under control. (That doesn’t mean that there are any less raccoons and opossum.)

It surprised her so much she took a picture and posted it on Facebook! We know how much Ray Baker of Feet on the Street likes them…

When Sandy B. McNutt crashed Bark for Life 2012, we were happy to see him! You will be able to see footage of the love Sandy shared with Doug Kalberg of The Dog Zone when our footage airs on KLTV…You can also order your copy for only $20, if you like…Contact Us for more information. Sandy was there to remind people about the upcoming Squirrel Fest on August 25th at the Civic Circle in Longview, WA.

On Saturday, Karen and Summer were having a meeting in Summer’s living room when suddenly, another squirrel was seen walking down the street! As Summer expressed her surprise, Karen suggested that maybe they were coming in from other towns, for Squirrel Fest since no regular Longview squirrels would take on the hungry hunters that abide on 35th Avenue!

With that they were off to hear what the squirrel had to say for himself. We got footage of this courageous squirrel, who happened to be from Karen’s hometown of High Point, NC and Sandy’s cousin Simon E. McNutt! From there we proceeded to create a production that will make you laugh, if not want to mosey on down to the round-about in front of The Monticello Hotel for some great fun!

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