Thank You so much that You are Lord! I need You and I am so thankful that You have always been with me and have planned for my needs.

Jesus please be with Jho while she travels to Idaho to rescue her father from the fires. Thank You that she is able to do this. Please empower her to care for her father and sister while they are staying with her. Thank You that JK is so supporting of his wife to allow her to take in her family. I ask for financial, spiritual, mental and physical blessings as they are needed. Bless this family Lord.

Lord, I am so sorry for the people who have oppressed many; purposefully & by accident through ignorance. Please forgive and heal the thievery and thoughtlessness of my fellow man. Thank You Jesus, that at the foundation of the world, You were ready to stand in the gap and brought salvation to your children. Thank You that You extend grace and mercy beyond what I deserve. Thank You that You have paid the price for my lewdness, idolatry and lack of love toward my neighbors. I ask that You continue to work in me, in love, that I may represent You in Your love and grace and mercy. Use me in the gap, as necessary, by Your might. Thank You that You provide all I will need to serve You, as You will. Forgive me for giving my authority and parts of my life over to the destroyer and assisting in my own destruction. Thank You for constantly rebuilding and renewing me in Your image; and for always working in my neighbors for Your good pleasure and purpose. Please show me how to follow You and remember my authority to honor You and discontinue to follow in the path of sin.

Lord, I am broken by this vision of war. I see beasts using religion as a tool of destruction; an excuse to beat your misguided and well-intentioned children with judgement, gossip and back-biting. I am weighed down by societies lack of repentance. I know I am not perfect and I fall into this same sin. It is so easy to take my eyes off You and engage because of the cunning of the spirit who works in the sense of disobedience. Forgive me Lord and please heal and seal and deal with the habits I have learned so that it is easy to choose words that bring peace and salvation. Show me what I look like in You and You in me, speaking in love. Thank You that Your grace is sufficient when I fall and that it is easier to come back to you each time.

Thank Jesus that I can decide to not defile myself and that You honor my contracts. Thank You that so many shiny things don not attract my attention away from the path You created for me, as they once did. Thank You that I can glance back and see where You have made me more whole and like You.

Lord, I life up Kim to You, I know You know what is going with her sight. I ask for healing and restoration & I am so thankful that You are faithful to provide all she needs. Please strengthen her family, while she goes through this trial. If there is any spiritual force that is trying to steal from this faithful woman, I ask, Lord, that You hider her in You while You bind this spirit or spirits and judge it by Your cross. I ask for a blanket of mercy on Your children and angels to attend to wounds. Thank You Lord that You will find glory in this situation.

Praise You Lord for Your healing on Aaron W’s son. Thank You for answering their prayers! Thank You for being so gracious. Bless this child and walk with him through this moment and as he grows.

Jesus, I life up Aaron R. to you. I know his heart is aching for his wife as she battles cancer. I ask for their salvation Lord, in body, mind, spirit, and thank You for Your perfect provision.

Thank You Lord that You have created everything we need; that You are our life and You lead us and love us! Lord soften our hearts to edify each other. Thank You that You have shown me that You can love through me, even when I am not agreeable. I want to be a blessing to You and I want to be a blessing to Karen and with Karen. I you You are with us. Thank You that no one is able to snatch us from Your hand! Thank You that we are one with you!

Lord please bless Lynn with healing. I ask Father for guidance away from the constant drama for her. Show her balance between serving, loving and living. Please intercede where she has given her authority away through family expectations and ties. Lord let Your grace be sufficient for her in her mind, body, spirit and emotions. Lord please grant her greater wisdom. Thank You that You are always with her and her family. Send helpers Lord! Thank You for Your grace. Thank You that You know exactly what she needs. Please soften her heart to be able to accept it.

Jesus thank You that Jamie has peace about her surgery on Wednesday. Thank You that she has salvation from worry. I ask Lord, for an easy procedure, and uneventful procedure and as many moments of joy she can handle. Thank You that Jamie has all the help she needs!

I am so amazed by Your perfect love! That it is constantly and all-empowering. I praise You Father! I love You Father with all I have. Thank You that You are love and You dwell in me and I in You to experience the blessings of Your love!

Jesus I am so concerned with the mediums and the freedom we stay to not come to You for guidance. I know You have gifted many with this special talent and so few come to You and offer it to You. Lord help your children begin to understand the power of our words that every contract should begin and end with You. I thank You Lord, that it pleases You that I can live as you called, to edify with special knowledge. Thank You for making me receptive to Your leadership. Thank You for forgiving me where I misused my gift. Lord, please use me as Your will and protect those around me from my missteps. I hear so many lies and misleading. Please heal me where I have caused harm because of my anger. Please heal others who were hurt by me backlash. Help me to be continually mindful of the power of my words as to not cause trauma to others. Please show others Your heart and grace and compassion and wisdom through me.

Thank You for the life You gave me. Thank You that You make me worthy of the path You called me to. Thank You that You allow me to serve You, bless You and be a blessing to others.


  • Ezekiel 22:29-31; 23:49
  • Revelation 9:11; 18-19
  • Ephesians 2:2
  • Daniel 1:8
  • Psalm 100:1-3
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11
  • John 10:25-30
  • Romans 8:37-39
  • Jeremiah 29:8-14

I am praying for you.

My name is Summer (Executive Director for Living Ministries). That is how you can call me. I hope that I am a blessing to you. I am not perfect. I will fall again. But I am forgiven.

Do you know Jesus? Do want the Holy Spirit to fill you and give you understanding and salvation? Ask Him. Want someone to pray with you? Contact me.

If you would like to know Jesus as your friend, but want to make this amazing commitment by yourself please pray something like this:

Thank you Jesus that You are the Son of God, the God that created heaven and earth. Thank you Jesus that You came to earth in the form of a man so that You would be able to empathize with my humanity. Thank You that You did this in order to fulfill the promises You made at the foundation of the world.

I realize that I am a sinner and do things that hurt myself and keep myself away from you. Thank You that You died for my sins so that You could defeat death and bring me into Your life. Please forgive me.

I ask You to be Lord of my life. I ask you to heal my hurts and show me what my new life, empowered by You looks like. Thank You for Your mercy.


The Lord is with you always.

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