When we got to Riverside Park the morning of September 16, 2011 we were truly amazed to see everyone working so hard together even though it was raining & blustery! There was a great camaraderie that was felt by all. People from many organizations had come to pitch in & beautify one of our area’s largest parks. Love, Inc. is the entity that helped to organize this event. They were joined Boyscout Troop 379, Millennium Bulk Terminals & Lower Columbia Mental Health, a couple soccer teams & many more were there to help clean up Riverside Park.

We spoke with Larry Russell of Love, Inc. who was quick to give credit to Tami Pickett for starting the whole project. Tami did a great job bringing people together to build up our community.

The Riverside Park Cleanup all came about because it was found out we only have 2 people to maintain all the parks in Kelso-Longview. Have you ever stopped to think how many parks there are around here? There is a lot of work that only 2 people have to do! To combat that individuals from all over stepped up & decided to trim trees, pick up garbage, clean garbage cans, do some painting, they put a new roof on the log cabin in the main play area, hauled away debris & did an EXCLAIMATIOUS job of cleaning up!

While people worked hard at RiversidePark, there was another crew at the Kelso-Longview Seventh Day Adventist School preparing a lunch fit for all the kings & queens that worked so hard in the great out of doors! Bob Jones of Evangel Christian Fellowship was one of the lead cooks. There were all kinds of salads & every type of chicken you could dream of! Those who had been working all morning were met by a team of people to serve them with a meal to replenish the troops!

Exclaim Media, LLC would like to thank all the people that showed up to lift up our community & for letting us capture them on camera, sweating for a good cause!

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