Holding offenses is exhausting. It also gives your power and authority away.

Our lack of repentance for this sin is killing any witness we might have as well as our bodies as we chose to live in depravity instead of our salvation. Christian, if you are hurting, you have hurt someone. Repent and our Father will be free to heal you and all other parties.

If they can hear you either confess your sin and apologize or reveal how they have hurt you. Most of the time our intensions are good and we just made a mistake that is easy to ask forgiveness for.

If the other party can’t hear you, go to God. Use words to describe your pain in being hurt or hurting. Talk until all your feelings are explained. As you do this you will feel how much God loves you and how much you love the other party.

Regardless of who you talk to…after you have said what was weighing you down, forgive. Set both of you free from judgement and scorn…even if they hold onto theirs, you will be free to live in relationship with God and those around you. Even if they continue to poke and try to aggravate you, keep forgiving and experience peace. This will be your biggest testimony to others who need to heal.

Praise God in all things and you will become more and more like the image of God. You will love more, live more and reach AND maintain more relationship…which is the entire reason God made you.

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