The other day I was contacted by a woman that runs an animals shelter in Puallup. She was wanting some help with getting donations. After I spoke to her I was so impressed with her heart, with her love for animals and her passion. Today I can’t help her but I did  check out her websites…and then because I really can’t donate another project…I donated some unsolicited advice.

She has been studying web design in school and I can tell she has some talent with graphic design, and I really didn’t want to offend her…just as I never want to offend any person that is trying to make a go of their business on a shoestring…She handled my email really well and spent the next 2 days doing something wonderful…See Katie’s Place Rescue’s Website

After I reread what I wrote after a long long day…I thought other people might want to read it to….Don’t forget to Contact Us for your consultation.

By the way…the picture here is from Christmas Joy Telethon (previously named Christmas Angel Telethon…Living Ministries’ annual event to build relationships and spread JOY at Christmas….


My motto is: Your time is money and if website design and maintenance are not your specialty, let me do it!

Hi Laura,

I was adding organizations to our database today at and I really wanted to add you to our Animal section…but I don’t even know what your animal shelter is called.

I have looked at every page in your website and I would love to give you a little unsolicited advice….I also am Creative Director at a marketing company called Exclaim Media Video & Marketing and I specialize in websites…

I have to look really hard to figure out how to reach you and that really doesn’t help someone that is trying to find you.

I have tried Wix out and even though it is free, I can’t say it is easy to use. I know it hard to get in and make the site yours. I really don’t want to hurt your feelings because I did notice that you are studying website design. Being able to build a site is different than designing one that is user-friendly. When I look at your site I am not encouraged to stick around. Not because your art is not beautiful, in fact I really like it…but the site is so dark…and really even though you have something about your shelter in the header, that is not what I look at, unless I know to look for it.

Also I would really like to encourage you to find a devoted domain name other than

The reason your domain name is so important is that it is the FIRST thing the search engines see. A good domain name either has the name of your business or what you do in it. You can have any number of domain names that point to a site so if the name of your shelter is Shaggy Dog Shelter but you also want people to find you for your custom art you could have following domains…which are available right now pointing at the same site:


Of course you could even do a site for each entity and point them back to to create more connections online…which is SUPER important to your online presence.

I would like to encourage you to look at Angel Wings Rescue’s site at

This site isn’t perfect, but you know you are at a website about animals FIRST. Debra does sell Mary Kay to help fund her needs, and it is prominent but the Rescue is #1.

If you peruse Angel Wings’ site you know how to Adopt, how to Donate and most importantly you can Meet the Animals….and it is VERY easy to know how to Contact Angel Wings Rescue. Also the text is written in 3rd person which helps people connect better. Most of the text on your site would be great on an About Us page…but doesn’t really sound like someone ready to do business.

I want you to know, that what I did learn at your site is that you are devoted to your marriage, your animals and your art. But I didn’t learn anything about your shelter. At the very least I would like to suggest that you add a page just for your shelter and a contact page. If you can do that, I will be able to add you to our database…Living Ministries gets at least 2000 visitors every month…if only a few of them learn about you through our database, they may feel compelled to help you.

I am praying for you…in fact I can’t stop thinking about how to help you. I hope you take this message in that light.


Summer D Clemenson
Executive Director; Acting Treasurer
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