In my journey as a Christian I have asked God for a few things that he has been faithful to bring me to, since I had them and just didn’t know it. I have asked to be a good servant to him, I have asked that he remove anything that wouldn’t stand the fire on judgement day, I have asked that he help me be the same person all the time and not different when I am in public, at home or in church, I have asked him to help me love and forgive and be thankful. In all my requests, even for possessions like a home, car, clothes or any other physical thing he has been faithful. Faithful to what he made me for: to be in relationship with him and to love others.

Recently I have had a different perspective to view people from and learn. I have seen how, having possessions, money and more options brought about by more financial freedom sometimes can be a challenge. My new prayer is that I be at peace with what God has provided for me. If I am at peace I will help others be at peace.

My friend shared a new song by Reba McEntire, called “Pray for Peace” and I got to enjoy it while I waited for Karen to join my nana and I for dinner last night. It is beautiful and in its pure sense it was perfect. I have been thinking about it since I first saw it and realize that many people don’t understand what prayer is. Prayer is conversation with God but it is more than that, it is a proof of our faith that we expect change to occur. The part that we sometimes trip on is that we must change.

This is a clip of a plea from Reba McEntire for video clips she could use for her full video that can be found on her website at

This beautiful song speaks a wonderful request to pray. Pray for peace, our leaders, and each other. In order for this song to work or our prayers to be fruitful, we must choose to be peace and show it in our walk; we must change. Being kind, humble, generous, patient with our time, resources and efforts will be a testimony to others what relying on Jesus is supposed to look like. There is so much that is a distraction and blatant lie that we have accepted as normal, but this is what Jesus meant when he said to not be a slave of this world and the natural depravity of our human desires or hold onto and control our surroundings but to think about and meditate on the characteristics of God and allow Jesus to shine through our countenance.

When we love our neighbor as ourself, when they become as important to us as ourselves and much more important that our success, fame, desires and possessions, even our “ministry” (what is the point of a ministry without people since Jesus is already perfect) than we will be peace and we will influence others to be peace also.

I am so thankful that God is faithful. He never leaves us, even when we feel alone or depressed, or we are doing things contrary to what he made us for that cause us to feel alone or depressed. I could do nothing without him that would be worth remembering. Pray for peace, expecting that you will be peace and also expect to enjoy your day.

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