Perfect weather, perfect park, perfect time for passion in the park!  Well, it was really Art in the Park. However, with over 50 booths of artistic flare, there was a lot of passion in the park also! That’s right we are talking about Art in the Park on Saturday, August 20th at Hemlock Park next to the lovely Lake Sacajawea was jumping with a variety of people and art!

The weather was a balmy 72 degrees and the sun made an all-day appearance. Artist and member of The Columbian Artists Association, Carol Boudreau says she invited the sun and it actually showed up. This kind of sunny weather encourages people to get out and explore. People were simply fascinated with the choices for artistic passion. The choices included Jewelry, lovely hand-made fiber scarves, hats and gloves, hand-crafted chessboards, paintings done in water and oil colors, portraits and even traditional Flemish paintings.

Simplicity found its way into the park also. Artist, Dorothy L. Allen takes simple patio chairs and turns them into a personal artistic expression for only $5.00!

Ever taken a picture of a loved one and wanted to turn it into a portrait? Peter Sheesley of Peter Sheesley Portraits can do that for you.

With so much artistic passion around I just had to ask artist, Ramona Kmetz-Lauzon if she had a muse to help stay so prolific. Her answer was very exciting, she admitted to having a boyfriend even though she has been happily married for years. Her boyfriend is….wait for it…..the famous Rembrandt! She has been completely honest with her husband about Rembrandt and he has accepted their relationship. Ramona held a small leather-bound book in her hand with some of Rembrandt’s creations and words. He has always been her muse. Now that’s a classic passion for art. Ramona Kmetz-Lauzon’s art includes water colors, oil paintings and murals. She painted a lovely oil painting of her daughter that is simply breathtaking and something I am sure both her husband and Rembrandt enjoy.

Hemlock Park was shining next to Lake Sacajawea and inspired several artists to paint while in their booths. This was wonderful to watch and  many were inspired to purchase several items.  This was the 3rd Annual Art In The Park and by far the most productive for the artistic vendors. Linda Gettmann of Fiber Art Designs along with her friends, Joy Wiather and Fern Kelly specialize in handwoven, Kumihimo Beaded Jewelry and knitted pieces of art, enjoyed a steady flow of passionate art lovers all day long.  If you didn’t get your passion for art answered this year at the Art In The Park celebration, you will have another chance next year. See you at Art In The Park 2012. As Rembrandt would say….ohhh La La!!

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