Knotty Wares Yarn Art Profit Center for Living Ministries

Cowlitz County’s Yarn/Fiber Art Co-Op & home for “Fun Crocheted Fashions for your Pets, Home, & YOU!”

Knotty Wares was started by two friends chatting & crocheting. One friend was talking about a blog they started to show off their art…the other friend… was giving her ideas for her business cards. As they thought about what her email address should be…the 2nd friend wrote on a napkin (they were at a karaoke bar) & slid it across the table…The rest is history!

Knotty Wares is a DBA of Living Ministries (a local non-reporting non-profit of the State of Washington). Clemenson Enterprises’ Creative Director, Summer Clemenson is their Lead Crochet Designer…and their main model is Karen G Clemenson who enjoys showing off their fun fashions on camera & in real life…This KNOTTY extension of our creative duo has donated items for fundraisers to help Cowlitz County Humane Society, Relay for Life & Living Ministries. They have also donated raffle items to Clemenson Enterprises, LLC at more than a few events.

Summer has had a lot of fun designing the website, logo & business cards…& maintaining their fan page on Facebook…

At Knotty Wares they play with yarn for fun…if it is not KNOTTY you wont see it there…We are looking for artists to fill the web site with Yarn/Fiber Art & Art about Yarn/Fiber Art

Knotty Wares
PO Box 416
Kelso, WA 98626

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