EXCLAIMING A New Location & Website!

Our favorite pet store has undergone a change and we are so excited!

OldandNewThePetWorksThe Pet Works is now serving us from three locations: The Pet Works Longview, The Pet Works Astoria and more recently The Pet Works Olympia is serving people and their pets with the same kind of personal, friendly and fun customer service as we have grown to expect.

With this newest of change it was decided to not only alter their website but give it an all-over makeover!

The new site is sure to be more exciting and now includes a brand new section for Special Offers. Check out this page for deals at all three locations which cater to specific clientele so they will have different offers.

The Pet Works Longview

1257 Commerce Ave
Longview, WA
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The Pet Works Astoria

240 14th Street
Astoria, OR

The Pet Works Olympia

407 4th Avenue E
Olympia, WA
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Find all three at ThePetWorks.net

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