You have taken something from me

I can never have again

You stole it

with insatiable teeth and greedy hands

You planned it

and here we stand

while you have never see my face

I don’t glorify God

He told me I can’t

before I was born He breathed me into being

He knew the hurts He would have to heal

before He chased me down with more passion

than I have ever possessed

He saw me in a light I didn’t create

All I said was yes

He is glory and

He glorifies Himself in me

You can’t hear me

on top of your high mountain

Your reflection is all you see

In the tone you have perfected

you have fooled many

But I have listened to my heart

I can’t see you because

I am looking at Him

I don’t glorify God

He has told me to stop

He didn’t create me as a his pilot light

But the stand that He sets ablaze

The fire you try to start

smolders while my tears run down His cross

and I choose to forgive you

He sees me as He created me

And I said yes

He is glory and

He glorifies Himself in me

In His blood I am me

by Summer D Clemenson
November 2, 2013

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