MMMM…What a Saturday in Longview, Washington! | Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

We’ve been working so much these days that we have not made much time for our favorite thing! Community Events!

Sometime last week, Summer said to Karen: We should schedule in the Farmer’s Market for Saturday…I mean Hank Sowerwine has invited us only 4 times…

To that, of course, Karen said: Yes we should!

We showed up at the Cowlitz County Fair Grounds (7th Ave & New York Street) in Longview; across the street from the Expo Center & immediately noticed the excitement in the air…THE SUN WAS OUT!…& so were the people of Cowlitz County…& where else would they be, but at the Cowlitz Community Farmer’s Market! The market is open every Saturday & Tuesday from 9 am to 2 pm until October 29th. (You should “like” the Cowlitz Community Farmer’s Market on Facebook!)

We were there for only 10 minutes before we ran into 3 people that not only did we know, but had not seen in forever! What fun! We may have even found a new designer for Knotty Wares! (You can find Knotty Wares on Facebook!)

We enjoyed the smells of the sun, grass, fresh vegetables, flowers & the booths that sold fantastic food, while we listened to live music by Mike Theriault & his friend Diane…not to mention the great conversations that were going on all around us.

We were a little torn over which booth to get lunch at, but when we smelled what was going on at Mama Nano’s our noses made the choice for us before we even said hello to our friend, Hank Sowerine…one of the owners of Mama Nano’s. We watched our lunch be prepared by Hank, himself, & drooled! (You can purchase this amazing sauce at the Farmer’s Market…& now at Safeway…you’ll find it on the top shelf next to the pasta sauce). (You should “like” Mama Nano’s on Facebook!)

We had to take our lunch home, since we had more work to do…but what a great break! We even got some footage for Connect the Dots

Since the fairgrounds are just a hop, skip & jump from Downtown Longview, Washington, we stopped in at ZoJo Coffee Roastery for a coffee! When we pulled up we saw Dan Ouellette doing something we have never seen him do before & grabbed the camera to catch him sitting down! Of course he was up & ready to serve by the time the camera was out…So we just ordered our coffees…& the most amazing carrot cake muffins for dessert! (You should “like” ZoJo Coffee on Facebook)

We tried to finish our food from Mama Nano’s but had to save some for dinner…oh well! Here is to a great day in Cowlitz County! Happy summer!

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