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Mary Ann Dawkins Photography specializes in Custom Photography, Landscapes & Nature, Sports & Travel & Documentary Portraiture. She also does Boudoir, Family, Senior Portraits…and most anything else that strikes your fancy.

Mary Ann Dawkins enjoys Environmental & Lifestyle Portraiture which is simply conveying the feeling of a space and along with it, the personality, occupation and/or lifestyle of the subject or subjects. It takes a portrait from being staged with props, backdrops and lighting to what some call Customized Photography, that both the photographer and the subject work to portray a feeling, moment or story.

Since the mid 80’s Mary Ann Dawkins has been playing with a camera (she took a break to have 3 gorgeous children). The magic she captures sets her apart from other photographers because she knows how to capture the light in some of the most dark Landscapes & Nature. Her love for Cowlitz County is apparent in the way she can go out on a dark and dreary day and find the enchantment that for some is hard to find.

Mary Ann’s 3 active children have helped her develop her skills as a Sports Photographer. She is able to capture the fun, excitement and determination of youth/student athletes in such sports as soccer, cheerleading, baseball and wrestling. She can be hired by the hour or by the day to capture exciting images for you to treasure for years to come.

Out of her many genres, Travel & Documentary Photography is Mary Ann’s deepest love. This specific style of photography seeks to record the everyday existence of people around the globe, capturing moments of conveying a message, thus enlightening other of how mankind lives, loves and works that is different from our own ways of life. At this point the bulk of her photography is about Thailand, primarily the people and landscapes of the many Northern Hilltribes near the Golden Triangle, which are available for purchase.

As old friends, Summer & Mary Ann enjoyed sipping their lattes and collaborating to come up with ideas for a web site and business cards. Summer had fun setting Mary Ann up with a site she can maintain herself, at her own pace…Since she couldn’t decide on just one set of business cards, you may find a number of styles that she is glad to share.

Mary Ann Dawkins Photography
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