Marketing the Writer: Jai Farris | Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

With the evolution of a writer comes the evolution of the marketing concept. Jai Farris, novelist, has been a client for over a year and during that time she has many changes in her life, in her thought processes and her writing. With this refining came the need for a facelift on her website. Although the website has been successful at getting her more readers and jobs, it didn’t really look like what Jai was looking for and so after several emails and phone calls we found a solution that makes us both happy.

Exclaim Media would like to present the new and improved website for Jai Farris.

Along with a new look for the website, we also decided it was time for her to have some custom business cards that match her marketing because branding is good for any genre whether it is a novelist or any other type of business.

You can see the evolution in everything Jai does at You can also Connect with Jai on Facebook!

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