My father worked hard and built two houses
one wanted to be an island
the other wanted to be the world
When he left the island he never came back
It was my job to keep it from floating away

While my light shone bright You sought me
Before my small hands could break
You breathed into me Your life
because without You I wouldn’t be

My father collected 4 porcelain dolls with painted faces
but I was really a house of mirrors
My dress was full to cover my broken parts
because no one wants to see some things

To bless those You need to be seen
You made me with the ability to see
Mirrors tell truths minds can distort
You heal wounds even we can’t see

My father came from a railroad house;
he built with tools he had learned to make
Tools the world says are strong but not on an island
I’ve moved to the city
The island likes to be what it wants to be

When I walk by a mirror I am surprised to see smooth skin
The other dolls have cracks from smiling too hard
Your wind has scattered them to their hills
But I stand here because this one You made for me

You have built my new house
You’ve sent me a sergeant to be strong when I can’t
My mirrors are broken but we want to hang Yours
Your light shines through every dark place
Your carpentry will make sure my father and his houses are welcome
Your foundation is forgiveness and we will have strong floors

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