The buzz on the street is that people are afraid to buy websites because they don’t think they can edit them or that I can update them fast enough. I am super excited to get feedback, even when it tells me that I haven’t spoken enough on this topic. It is kind of like a report card…and I just gave myself a D…that is not good enough.

At Exclaim Media Video and Marketing we love to help people have thoughtful, clear marketing. That should be based on an easy-to-use website that can work for you when you are playing, eating and sleeping. Owning it ensures that it is yours and you don’t have to worry about whether you are following the compliance rules that you might be stuck with on some social media sites.

When I set up your new site, I build sites with WordPress because WordPress is easy enough to use that I don’t have to be a gatekeeper between you and your site. Anyone that can type can be trained to edit your site. Since you don’t usually have big changes everyday this is something that your receptionist can do between calls, the mail sorter can do when they want to take a break from paper cuts, even your CEO can make updates while they eat lunch. Part of the cost of your site includes training to edit it. Beyond that build, if I can answer your question in an email or phone call…you won’t have to look forward to an invoice.

Now I have to admit that years ago I made a beautiful manual that is available on Exclaim Media’s site to help you edit your site. It was built with the purpose of answering your questions when I was playing, eating or sleeping…but right now it illustrates the commonality that businesses are busy doing business and sometimes have a need for updates. However WordPress is so easy to use that I have confidence that once we make the leap beyond your fear of failure, which I would love to help you do, I know you can do this. Even better is that you can often Google how to fix something and find an answer. is a great place to search forums with their easy to use search tool.

On the other hand…as I am know in my house…your edits might actually make it to the top of the list because, in reality, the relational, putting-people-first way we have based our family business is our very nature….some of our clients even have the experience that I notice necessary updates before they do. I am not above texting you about your site. 🙂

Relational means we LOVE having coffee with you and making ourselves available to you because a happy client is proof that we did our job right. (We also are coffee addicts so in reality I could actually be working for my fix…).  Don’t like coffee? …Well…we can come to you, wifi willing, and help you with your brand and answer your needs to the best of our ability. Can I promise a perfect experience? No, but I can offer you a hand and a passionate heart for helping others understand what you do, that will make your marketing experience worth EXCLAIMING.

At Exclaim Media Video & Marketing you are not alone in your marketing. Between Karen and I, you might even look forward to silence…I hope I just earned an A.

This article was penned by our Creative Director, Summer D Clemenson. She also serves as Executive Director of Living Ministries, volunteer at Love Overwhelming and Auntie…but not necessarily in that order. Did we miss something? Would you like to suggest another topic for another time? Contact Exclaim Media Video & Marketing or comment below. Get your FREE consult today!

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