Love Overwhelming is a nonprofit organization that works in the Kelso-Longview, Washington area, to help homeless people. They offer showers, laundry service, daily living essentials, connections to resources, but most of all they offer relationship. The routine of a homeless person, especially someone that doesn’t want to remain homeless is rigorous enough and sometimes just having someone to look at them with respect and lend an ear is all they need to keep working toward their goals.

Exclaim Media especially has a soft spot for this organization because both Karen and Summer have been volunteers with Love Overwhelming for almost 2 years. We have worked shoulder to shoulder, building relationships and meeting needs.

As we have told you before, we think it is imperative to pick a Marketing Team that works for you. When you find the team that works best with your communication style and marketing needs, you are a force to be reckoned with. So whether you work with us or with another marketing company we are glad you are not walking this path alone. >>>Read our blog on Communication to see if our competition is a better fit for you.

While sometimes when you are working with people, and not widgets, things can get pretty hairy. Visiting is the last thing you have time for unless you are talking about the emergent situation in front of you. But sometimes all is quiet and you have time to find out who the person standing next to you is…when you are standing next to Karen and Summer you hear about Video and Marketing. So after over a year of friendship and working together, Summer talked Executive Director, Chuck Hendrickson, into letting her play with Love Overwhelming’s website. After one afternoon of frustration it was time to take matters into our own hands. It was time for a new website. One that was easy to maintain and met their needs.

What were their needs? After following them around for a while we learned that Michael, another volunteer is very faithful to update LO’s Twitter and Facebook pages, however no one was taking charge of the website and Love Overwhelming Blogs were not considered because no one knew how to do it. This meant they needed a site that showcased their Twitter and Facebook. There was a consensus that the most important thing was people, which meant the site had to be SUPER EASY to maneuver. Beyond that it just had to look cool…

Voila! The new website for Love Overwhelming answers all of those needs and after an afternoon of training…Summer wont be the only one that can edit the thing! Amen!

If you have a heart for homeless people LO can always use volunteers and most of all money…Laundry doesn’t pay to have itself washed. Learn how you can become a LO Volunteer, download a needs list or learn how you can Donate on their website.

Love Overwhelming
PO Box 42
Kelso, WA 98626
(360) 560-3913

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