Living Ministries is a non-profit organization that stands beside other organizations that help people. Their goal is to assist in furthering communication so more can be done to help each other, whether you are homeless, needing help getting to your next pay check or have money or time to spare, Living Ministries wants to help you.

Living Ministries offers a database they are constantly adding to that is easily searchable on their website. They take calls from people that need help and direct them to the organization(s) that may be able to offer resources. Living Ministries also helps with marketing these same people oriented organizations as they can. Learn how you can Get Featured.

As committee members of Living Ministries, Exclaim Media is happy to help support Living Ministries with all their marketing materials. We designed and maintain their web site, Facebook Fan Page & Email Marketing Eclub. We have also designed business cards, name tags, banner & brochures. You might say that Living Ministries is the non-profit side of Exclaim Media…we do…

Living Ministries
PO Box 416
Kelso, WA 98626
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