It’s time for a FURRY kind of love! Yep it is August, and that means that our favorite non-profit, Living Ministries is facilitating their 3rd Annual Animal LOVE Drive.

Living Ministries’ goal this year is 500 lbs of food and accessories and $500…but they would love to wipe out the $1600 vet bill for Angel Wings Rescue. Part of the food and accessories donations will also go to Meals on Wheels clients who have animals.

Hanging out with the animals can be a lot of fun…and A LOT of WORK! The rescues at Angel Wings Rescue depend on their fearless Debra to make sure they are fed and taken care of and she never fails to love them like her own. She doesn’t take a pay check and could REALLY use a few more volunteers, but you will never hear her complain….even when she spends her own hard-earned money on whatever the animals need to be healthy, safe and most of all loved.

If you would like to give please call 360-610-7778 to arrange a pickup or drop off. You may donate via PayPal to or just go to and click on the donate button and follow the instructions.

You may also drop off pet food, toys and other animal gear at The Dog Zone and The Pet Works. There are several local businesses that have money jars to accept cash donations too. To see the entire list >>>Read about Living Ministries’ 3rd Annual Animal LOVE Drive

We were so glad to be able to donate their flyer and video PSA to show our appreciation for all Living Ministries does in our community and all Angel Wings Rescue does for homeless dogs, cats and kittens (they have 15 kittens right now that need forever homes….hint…hint…hint).

Show your love and thank you for helping….The drive will be over on August 31, 2013 but you can always give to Angel Wings Rescue on their website.

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