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In the business world it is imperative to be connected. If that were not a true statement then Facebook would have not have had 1.15 BILLION users as of August 2013, Foursquare would not have had 40 million users as of September and Twitter would not have 500 million users as of this month (1) …or at least that is what we all choose to believe…and have made it so…

I got a call from Desiree Ouellette a while back. She was frustrated about making her connections count. So we met over coffee and we tackled the issue.

Many of the most popular Social Media Sites have made the opportunity to connect to each other very easy and I love this! In fact just the other day Karen was talking about something that our friends at Rick’s Auto Sales helped her with.

LinkToTwitterYou see, she was out and about town and since I had been bugging her to start checking in more…she did. Karen is very trainable…and this is what happened!

Karen checked into Foursquare, which is attached to her Facebook, which is connected to her Twitter….and then…wait for it….Rick’s Auto Sales RETWEETED it! What did she just do? She went VIRAL! YEAH BABY!

AuthorizeApp(Excuse me…we take this very seriously at Exclaim Media Video & Marketing)

So…back to Desiree…

What she wanted to do was very simple. She had a Twitter account that was originally her personal Twitter account that she had morphed into the Holos Yoga Twitter, but she is TOO busy to update both her Facebook and Twitter. She had built an audience in both places online, but she was more comfortable with Facebook so this is what we did:

  1. We logged into her Twitter account.
  2. We logged into her Facebook account.
  3. We went to https://www.facebook.com/twitter/
  4. SaveChangesFB-TClicked on Link To Twitter
  5. Clicked on Authorize App
  6. Clicked on Save Changes

And we were done!

Now for those of you that like Twitter better than Facebook try this:

  1. Log into Facebook and use it as the profile you want to connect: If it is your personal one, be yourself, if it is your business page use Facebook as your business page.
  2. Log into Twitter
  3. SettingsFrom the drop down menu on the top right of the screen click on Settings.
  4. From the menu on the left side of the screen click on Profile and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click on Connect to Facebook and follow the steps.

As for Desiree, while we were in her virtual world I helped her set up a new Twitter account for herself and connect her personal Facebook to her Twitter so she could do the same for herself as a Traveling Yoga Instructor as she has as her Yoga Studio, Holos Yoga, located in beautiful Downtown Longview, Washington.

ConnectToFBWhy is it important to have both Facebook and Twitter?

Easy…just like I like Facebook better than Twitter, my friend Michael likes Twitter more than Facebook. By having both worlds at your fingertips you have more opportunities to make virtual connections which may turn into face to face encounters that enable circumstances worthy to EXCLAIM!

Many Social Media sites are set up to work with Facebook. Take for instance Foursquare and Pinterest which require you to connect through Facebook. If you keep building and making those connections both toe-to-toe and virtually, in the end, you will be as happy as Desiree!

…and if you buy me coffee at ZoJo Coffee you can feel free to pick my brain…for the time it takes me to drink it!

Until I write again…build on my friends! And do it EXCLAIMATIOUSLY!


(1) Stats found at http://expandedramblings.com

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