What do you get when you cross a crochet artist and a marketing freak? …Well…

Sometimes I think it is harder to make an artist happy than someone that doesn’t have all kinds of ideas about how things should look…so believe me I am not surprised that I was not satisfied with the website I built for myself…Until this one finally came about.

Knotty Wares Yarn and Fiber Art Co-Op was born out of the desire to help people market their creative creations. Our goal is to have fun creating and maybe even selling our wares.

I love that several different products are shown off on the home page and they switch out every few minutes. I also love that my website finally matches my business cards and that all the Products can be found in the site will little work…Sometimes we are our hardest customers and let me tell you I am glad that I am finally satisfied! LOL!

We are always looking for more Designers because the more the merrier. We also got the idea that anyone that wanted to show off their art involving any Fiber Optimist might be fun…and a reason to drive more people to see what was happening next. The fact that we have ad space makes me excited too!

I love this website…

Knotty Wares Yarn and Fiber Art Co-Op
PO Box 146
Kelso, WA 98626


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