If you were to Google “surgery longview washington” you would find Pacific Surgical Institute at the top of the page.

Nobody truly wants to have surgery but sometimes it is necessary. When it does, one of your options is to visit the fine professionals at Pacific Surgical Institute. PSI offers you the latest in surgical technology and personal attention to make you as comfortable as you can be in a very uncomfortable situation.

Karen was there a few weeks ago to talk with Jim Lemonds, who handles their marketing. She joined Jim to talk about video. Since they already have a great website, they want to make it easier for people to see what they can expect before they even walk through the door.

PSI’s goal is to show you they are professional and state-of-the-art and the place to be when you are in need of surgery. Video is key to their online success and conveying to visitors to their website that they are personable and qualified to take care of your every need.

Jim was excited to hear that we believe in giving our clients the best as well. At Exclaim Media we make sure your video is ready to be used to the fullest. Meaning they can use their video for PSI’s website, a commercial on Comcast, on Pacific Surgical Institute’s Facebook and YouTube channel, but we will also take the time to showcase them on our website, Exclaim Media’s Facebook and Exclaim Media’s YouTube, giving PSI that many more connections and chances to be seen.

Karen’s visit reminded her that this month is National Nurse’s Month. We should remember those who care for us always, but especially this month. Although the month of May also remembers many different causes, we’d like to remind you to give a moment to think about a positive experience you have had when you needed to get some help with your health and send up a prayer for the nurses who work hard to care for you.

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