Left unattended they stink. They are needy. They tend to destroy our slippers but still we love them. It has been said that DOG is man’s best friend and we have to admit that although we are truly cat people at Exclaim Media, we can think of a few DOGs that bring a smile to our faces and warm feeling in our hearts.

When Karen was out gallivanting around town, this week she ran into, none other than, Doug at The DOG Zone. Doug said there is nothing better than being around DOGs all day! This makes Doug the perfect guy to leave your DOG with while you go out of town or even at DOGgy daycare while you work.

Entrusting your DOG to The DOG Zone and their capable employees you can have peace of mind that she is safe, happy and probably playing with new friends.

The DOG Zone offers DOG training, DOG daycare, DOG grooming, self serve DOG wash, DOG boarding and they even sell pet supplies for your DOG or cat. Whether you only want the essential or the truly unique The DOG Zone is the place your pooch wants to spend their day.

One thing we love about The DOG Zone is that they are a drop spot for Living Ministries’ 3rd Annual Animal LOVE Drive. They were very excited to take on this task and we are excited to EXCLAIM them!

Karen’s favorite thing about being at The DOG Zone is that when you walk through the door you know you have reached DOG heaven! There are play spaces and dog accessories and basically everything DOG. You know it must be great when the DOG brings her owner there!

Woof! Woof! Baby!

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