You might see Karen out and about yacking away with anyone that hasn’t kicked her out of the building yet (Summer appreciates a few moments of silence to create while she is away, but she also enjoys the inspiration and exuberance Karen brings back to the office). Her conversational way of making friends and clients teaches her a lot. This week Karen learned about acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a medical alternative with no side effects. Acupuncture works with several different ailments. If you were being treated for high blood pressure and lower back pain you could be treated for both ailments at the same time. Most people feel that this procedure must have to hurt. They think, “Nails!” But this is not true. Not only does it not hurt, but it is quite relaxing. If you are looking for an alternative or something to partner with your meds without any new side effects please investigate the powers of acupuncture.

Karen was enlightened his week by talking to both Patty Kucher at Acupuncture Northwest and Johan Keller.

For fun we Googled “acupuncture” Patty came out on top of page one…but Johan was nowhere to be found. When we Googled Johan Keller Longview, Washington we found him, yet you had scroll down to the bottom of the page to see any links that said he was an acupuncturist…AND all of his listings show the wrong address or none at all because he probably is too busy to worry about his online presence.

One good thing Johan has done to be consistent in his marketing, which mainly consists of print marketing in the Valley Bugler and sometimes The Daily News, is he has always used his cell phone number in all of his marketing, so even though you can’t know where to drive by and check out his office, or view his bio on his website you can always call him….that is until we help him find a place online to call home…

Over the phone Johan told Karen that before he even touches a patient he talks with them. He does a thorough evaluation before they even begin the process of acupuncture. This is standard practice…we were really surprised to see how thorough the new patient form, that can be downloaded on Acupuncture Northwest’s website is.

So if you are looking for an acupuncturist in Longview, Washington you can check out and ask for Patty or give Johan a call at (360) 261-2767…if you choose to Google him, however, don’t forget the Longview, Washington or you will find a LinkedIn profile for an audit associate in Boston…

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