Curtains Up!

The theatre was alive with the sound of techies making it happen, women barking orders and nervous girls worried about their accompaniment music.

The 2nd Annual Got Talent is a major fundraiser for Kelso Kiwanis but so much more than that, it is a chance for some of local talent to come out of the corners and shine bright! People of all ages; from age 4 and well beyond graced the stage and showed the audience how talented Kelso-Longview really is…and how brave they can be!

In the video below enjoy  “Les Oiseaux dans la Chamille” performed by Rebekah Kitchens and accompanied by Greg Moore. Rebekah won 1st place this year; she also was in the 1st Got Talent!

This year Got Talent was at non-other than our newly remodeled and beloved Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts. We think the ghosts of performers and audiences past had a great old time listen to our local folk entertain them…as well as the ones that were alive and well in the newly upholstered seats in the auditorium.

Downtown Longview couldn’t have planned a better if they had tried…Big thanks goes to Kelso Kiwanis, and in our book, specifically Betty Erickson, who knows how to plan a shin-dig in her sleep! Great job!

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and especially the energy of the contestants! We are proud to announce the winners as:

  • Rebecca Kitchens performing “Les Oiseaux dans la Chamille” – 1st Place
  • Natalie Lynn Wilson accompanied by her dad, Chad, performing “I Will Always Love You” – 2nd Place
  • Clarissa Aaron performing “Think of Me” – 3rd Place
  • Mariah January performing “Hallelujah” – 4th Place

You really had to be there, but if you didn’t make it we are working on a DVD that will be available for purchase in June…until then please check out our raw footage at Don’t worry the real footage was shot on cameras by a pro and not a marketing freak sitting in the back of the theatre, updating her Facebook while catching clips to keep you happy while Karen puts together the real production! 🙂

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