Back in October of 2011 I surprised my oldest friend with a blog. For years she had been talking about writing more and one day I was inspired to build her a blog where she could write whatever her heart desired. In the last 3 years Jamie Holloway has been able to use words to describe her path as she learned to deal and heal with Vasculitis. Although Jamie was forced to live with a trach for many years in order to be able to breath, miraculously she was always able to speak, which is not very common, but most importantly, her readers were also able to experience her finding her inner voice and learn to communicate better and advocate for herself.

On the third anniversary of her blogging, I finally dreamt about what her logo should be…it was time to give her give her a trademark. Soon I was excited to see what had gone from a dream to a digital reality. I had already planned to give Jamie a new look and so I pulled a theme out that I had been planning to use for her blog.

I am so excited to showcase the new and improved Her Facebook Page and Twitter got a facelift too…marketing should be consistent…

If you are interested in following a cool chick on her Journey to Health with Vasculitis please head on over to where Jamie shares recipes, her personal thoughts and book reviews.

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