Jai Farris Novelist published her first short story when she was nine years old and since then has had thousands of articles published. She never considered being anything else besides a writer. After college Jai became an award winning journalist working for daily newspapers and freelancing for major magazines all over the world. She traveled extensively throughout Micronesia and Asia as well as the United States. Jai penned her first novel, “Beyond the Call” while living in Guam.

In 2000 Jai went in search of major changes. She had a dream of living where the mountains met the ocean and that brought her and her two sons to the Pacific Northwest. Jai continued to write for newspapers as she studied art, humanities, and literature, at a local college. She could not escape the allure of storytelling so she retired as a journalist and once again began working as a novelist. Now, novels later she is a full-time writer, working on her books while editing and writing for several national magazines.

Exclaim Media jumped at the chance to help this Everett, Washington Author! We designed her web site which includes several blog categories like: The Art of Ridiculous, The Writer’s Spirit & Read Me A Story & a Guestbook. We also set up and designed her Facebook Fan Page & Personalized her Twitter Page.

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