Since the goal of Exclaim Media, LLC is to proclaim the positivity of the people in Kelso-Longview and beyond, we were so excited to have a music-filled weekend! It had been awhile since we had the change to blow off some steam and not actually be working when we went to a show.

On Friday January 27, 2012 Karen and I were excited be listening to the Jazz Excellence of MP6! The energy was great and when I say we, I mean the entire crowd that filled The Electric Bean. I was sitting in the corner enjoying the crowd, the smell of coffee and of course watching Karen absorb the fantastic tunes being played. When you are business partners with your best friend you have to take time to stop being business partners and I have to say, my dynamic friend is inspiration to say the least!

We can’t always be working, be we can always be Exclaim Media, LLC so although we were not necessarily working, there were cameras ready to roll beside our favorite camera woman and when she was not cheering she caught a few minutes of footage that will be used somewhere.

We have had the pleasure of hearing MP6 before, in fact this is not the first time their name has been mentioned right here, but as always their passion colors the smooth music they share with us. Immediately Karen tells me they sound different and we rattle off little things that could be why they sound so much better than usual, but those reasons don’t really matter. The fact is this great group is morphing into a band that can call an audience and we are glad to have a few minutes to share in the vibes.

After opening with a lively tune that warmed us all up, Michael Paul, leader of MP6 offered a contest…can you guess the name of the next tune? Of course in her excitement, when they are done, Karen yelled “It Feels So Good by Chuck Magioni!” Everyone applauded as she is congratulated.

It has been said that jazz is truly an American invention.  The independent beats are absorbed by the constant rhythms that let you know that the performer never plays this piece the same the way twice. Totally original! Jazz music is always an improvisation of American Life.

MP6 is made up of:

  • Bill Comin – Drums
  • Matt Dalon – Guitar
  • Tom Ladouceur – Saxophone
  • Michael Paul (leader) – Trumpet & Flugel Horn
  • Justin Salisbury – Keyboards
  • Dennis Yalch – Bass

You can learn more about MP6 on their website at or Find MP6 on Facebook.

A few weeks ago I text messaged my favorite country singer…Carl Wirkkala! We had been so absorbed in every day that we had not been able to make it so many of his shows and both Karen and I were missing our friend. Carl was pretty excited to tell us when the next show was and I promptly put it in the calendar to make sure we would be there.

Saturday January 28, 2012 brought us to Hattie’s Restaurant in Castle Rock. We were met at the door by Andy, general manager, and ushered to a spot on a long table; directly in front of our friend Carl; leader of Drifters Moon Band. I spent most of my time playing with my new phone – I was super surprised to find that Hattie’s offers Free Wi-Fi! But mostly I was happy to listen to the croonings of Carl Wirkkala and his capable crew!

It seemed as though we had been some of the first from Kelso-Longview to show up and we were glad to see Brad and KJ from Rightway RV, Lynn from Lynn’s Burgers and More and John and Christine of Rely Local all join us at the table with the best view in the house.

Drifters Moon is made up of 4 guys:

  • Carl Wirkkala – Songwriter/Guitar
  • Paul Allen – Guitar
  • Ron Robinson – Bass
  • Alex Nelson – Drums

I was truly blessed to hear the show end with my favorite song; Amazing Grace. Thanks Carl!…and yes we should have coffee sometime soon at ZoJo!

Find Carl Wirkkala – Songwriter on our site or “Like” Carl Wirkkala – Songwriter on Facebook.

Although we were pretty tired from pulling an all-nighter at the Extreme Weather Center, the night before Karen and I decided that we needed to make an appearance at the 2nd Annual Drug Court Benefit Show. We got there in time to see Ninevah and When They Invade perform.

We had met The Brightest before when they played at Christmas Angel Telethon 2011. It was too bad we missed them on this night. Their energy is contagious! However I have a feeling that all the bands could have the same said of them!

I had had the chance to chat with Brian Fowler of Brand X Tattoo & Body Piercing on Facebook about this amazing event which we were glad to promote on our radio show, Boomer Plus Tuesday. This show was the the perfect place to meet him face to face and shake his hand for pulling together a great group of people for an amazing event to benefit a great cause.

Five Bands Made This Night Resonate:

Last year the benefit collected $500 and this year the goal was similar. Minus World was a fantastic venue. Brand X raffled off 1 free piercing and 1 free tattoo! Overall this year’s event brought in $1000 after all the expenses were paid!

When I asked Brian about Cowlitz County Drug Court he said:

Drug court is a program that gives drug addicts the chance to change their lives. What it does is instead of sending addicts to prison and starting that cycle of being in and out of jail the rest of there life. They get a chance to change that cycle, by going to treatment, school, work, and attend court once a week. I was in drug court and it helped me save my own life!

All the money that was raised will go to use for clean and sober functions like parties for graduates, Christmas functions; presents for kids of the clients and other positive things.

What a way to end the night. I tend to like to stand in the middle of the room but as we began to get used to the extreme sound of the heavy metal tunes that blared all around I noticed what looked like a wave of men coming directly to where Karen and I were. I remember thinking I have to get Karen out of the way and then being in the corner, near the door where we had a pretty good view of the bands and the mosh pit. Later we agreed that I had actually grabbed my friend by the shoulders and moved her with me to get out of the way…Well I guess it is better that I didn’t leave her there…

After a truly EXCLAIMATIOUS weekend we were ready to tackle DLE Cafe, Video Editing and a great first planning meeting for Christmas Angel Telethon 2012! Here’s to never being bored!

If you know of an event we can promote give us a call and let us know how we can EXCLAIM you!

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