There is something about the sound of a motorcycle that really gets you going…

The Iron Horse goes back to Kelso in Scotland. They have an entire week, called Civic Week, full of events. Way back in the days that Civic Week was begun, people used horses to go from event to event. The Iron Horse Festival was named in honor to kick off the 7 day period before Highlander Festival & the fact that some people call their motorcycles, horses. The first Iron Horse Festival was in 2008. The event always lands on Labor Day weekend, since Highlander Festival is always the 2nd weekend in September.

We would like to give thanks to our friend Cal Dowd, owner of Prographyx and sponsor of this “Bonnie” event for coming up with this great name. When you see the T-shirts the name Highlander Iron Horse Festival is there so people will see the connection between the two events.

This year the event was on September 3rd & was quite a success. There were a number of vendors, who in fact made money during the event, which is always a good thing. People were quite jovial, they bought T-shirts & showed off their “Iron Horses”.

There was a bike for everyone. From the person who bought the $50,000 Harley to the person that is using hay baling wire to hold together their “rat bike”. There were awards for several categories & winners galore. People were seen enjoying the work that had put into all the different bikes, visiting, shopping, listening to the live music & did we mention eating?

Entek and B & B Air Conditioning has been the biggest sponsor all 3 years that the Iron Horse Festival has been celebrated in our lovely city. We would like to give a big thanks to them & all the sponsors who made sure we had an EXCLAIMATIOUS Iron Horse Festival!

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