Our storage area is often a chaotic mess. The small room holds Knotty Wares‘ inventory, Living Ministries banners, tent, Christmas Angel Telethon gear and meeting stuff…as well as all of many promotional products, signs and expo stuff for Exclaim Media, so chaotic mess explains why the desk in there, doesn’t get used much.

Although we have been thinking about the Cowlitz County Regional Business Expo all year, we still weren’t sure where everything was, even though we had emptied the room and put everything in it’s place in early April; since then we have had The Merk Spring Bazaar, The Pet Works Cash Mob, 3 Living Ministries Committee Meetings, 8 Boomer Plus Tuesday Radio Shows and all the regular things we do everyday that keeps days off, few and far between.

Summer searched high and low and decided that she would not be wearing her Exclaim Media name badge to the expo since it can’t be found and we weren’t about to throw a last minute order at Prographyx, one of the major sponsors of the event. You can imagine the excitement when she found the sailor hats we bought last year and laughed because she was reminded that Karen got confused when ordering name badges and instead of the magnetic ones that were intended, she had them printed to be put into lanyards. There was the one Summer had attached to her hat, right where she left it! Problem solved!

Cowlitz County Regional Business Expo 2012 brought together hundreds of businesses, for profit and non-profit alike together, to meet each other and network. We impressed each other with our signage, advised people where to get there’s, if they didn’t have any, and made plans to work together on projects.

We were really excited to have a committee of people that were willing to come and man the booth while Karen and Summer shot footage, networked, and finally found a quiet spot for a 15 minute lunch. Living Ministries Committee Members are truly committed and we are really thankful for John Hanna, Tom Stebbins, Tara Kubacki and Linda Haarstad who all came and promoted all 3 of our businesses like pros…we will be ordering new business cards soon…Linda even stayed behind and helped tear down! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Many businesses had drawings for great prizes and all of the media companies put together a marketing package worth $6000 for one lucky business. Congratulations to Twin Star Credit Union who won! We look forward to working with you soon.

This was the 3rd Annual Cowlitz County Regional Business Expo. You may be asking yourself, what was different about this Expo? Two things: Compelling Business Seminars and EXCLAIMATIOUS Entertainment.

One of the most inspiring business seminars was given by Norma Davey, radio advertising representative from KUKN, KLOG, and The Wave. Norma offered several reasons to jump on the social media train for business owners. There were other seminars about Real Estate, Business Loans, and exit strategies for business owners.

Kelso-Longview Chamber of Commerce knows how to throw an after-hours party! Summerland Catering Services provided the amazing food and beverages and Music and More Productions brought great music. The EXCLAIMATIOUS entertainment featured a group of male Hawaiian dancers who put us in the mood for the drawing for an awesome tropical island trip.  A special shout out to Pam Fierst from Red Lion Inn Conference Center for leading the way on planning this great event. We have set sail for 2012; Now on to 2013!

If you were there, what was your favorite moment, feature or aspect of the Expo? Any suggestions for next year? Let us know, down below!

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