I am Because You Are | Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

Before You made me You knew that without You

I would have nothing but death

and with a broken heart You made plans for that

You said there would be war

and rumors of war

You said You would come back

and I would take my eyes off You in order to guess

Even this is more proof of You

My neighbors revel in gossip and drama

while people You love

starve and sleep in the street

You said humanity would breed evil

and it has

I have tried to avoid dancing with them yet still I must repent

You know how hard I have tried to be good

and failed

Your love is so deep and encompassing and honest

Trust founded in you

has been raped by our greed

But in my heart You remain

You overwhelm me with Your grace

So I would be happy to look more like you

You said I would be persecuted

by liars, tramps and thieves

Your salvation is complete

even while I still remain ready to compete

I hear the song in my heart cry with You

because You replaced mine with Yours

You see me through Your Son even through my sin

I am slowly losing my first site and sound of judgement

because You require me to give up all

While You are my amazing gain

I live in a glass house You built

I am hidden by Your Name

You are Promise and Truth

You are Overcomer and Savior

I am because You are

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