The first time you meet Desirée Ouelette, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Most people might think that a vegan yoga instructor might have some high expectations for you, but Desirée will quickly show you that she knows we are all a work in progress and we each have our own path. Desirée is kind, quick witted and very funny…she even eats Oreos every now and then (but don’t tell anyone).

The first time we met Desirée was at a networking event. She was the winner of a drawing we did for a custom order bag by Knotty Wares Yarn & Fiber Art Co-Op. When we met up with her at our mutually favorite coffee shop, ZoJo, we also found out she was related to the owners, at the time, Dan and Cindy Ouellette.

Over the years we have laughed together many times over coffees of our choice. In fact she is the reason we drink Kombucha! These days Z Coffee is now, in fact owned by Desirée and her husband Matt, while ZoJo Coffee Roasters now belongs to someone outside the Ouellette clan!

Holos Yoga

One day Desirée let us know that although her website was pretty, and she did have decent traffic to it and she even had the programs to edit it, she wasn’t confident in her abilities and it wasn’t what she envisioned. We had coffee a couple more times and listened to what she wanted. We asked questions. We brainstormed. Then we showed her what we thought was exactly what she wanted…and we were spot on!

(I love it when I am right…)

If you would like to shake up your workout routine you should try out Holos Yoga, where they offer a number of different kinds of yoga: Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle Flow, Heated and more! Desirée also offers personal training sessions.

I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Desiree Ouellette. She has an extremely loving energy about her, and her classes have been a real treat. Desi is an inspiring teacher who is dedicated to higher learning, and it shows in her teaching. She is kind, generous, sweet and thoughtful so it’s easy to see why her students love her so much. I have so much respect for her, for building such an amazing community of dedicated yogis at Holos. I can’t wait to come back again. Whether you are an experienced yogi, trying yoga for the first time, or anywhere in between, you can trust you are in good hands when you come here! All the best to you. xoxo ~Phyllis C.

So make sure to check out her Schedule and head on over for some great stretching!

Holos Yoga
1338 Commerce Ave, Suite 109
Longview, WA 98632

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