1) I am thankful that I can say thank you. So many people don’t stop and say thank you. Gratitude is an amazing gift from God. When we say thank you we are blessed in so many ways. When you make a lifestyle of being thankful (which Jesus told us to do in the first place) it becomes easier and easier and even in painful, stressful, terrifying situations you can always find something to say thank you for. Doing this blesses God and amazes blesses the people around you. If you are alive, have something to eat, clothes to wear and some sort of shelter, you have four things to be thankful for. If you don’t have great shelter or are feeling blue you might even be more thankful for the beautiful weather today because being stuck outside in the rain is not nearly as fun as dancing in the sunshine. If you have someone that loves you or many people that love you, you are rich indeed!

I have enjoyed this 5 day challenge…I do this everyday…but I don’t write it down…

2) I am so thankful that when I took a call on Living Ministries’ line yesterday and spoke with a gentleman that had not had water for 6 days that the resources became available the minute we asked God for it so that we could help him get his water turned back on.

3) I am so glad that I am happy with simple things like the ability to rent a DVD and I have someone to watch it with. I love you Karen Gidderon!

So here is the time to tag 2 people: Angie & Linda please consider playing this game. For 5 days please share 3 things you are thankful for…Let’s spread some positivity!

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