1) I am thankful for my printer! I have had so many issues with printers that more often than not I don’t have one and although it is nice say hi to the folks at Copies Today SpeedyLitho…it costs too much to make copies for committee meetings so I often don’t have much to hand to Karen GidderonJamie HollowayLynn BrownAngelique YoderClarence Beerman and Jacob A Beerman and guests…BTW in case you haven’t read your emails…we have a Living Ministries meeting tonight at 6 pm at Life Works

Every printer I have had was overwhelming to me when I wanted double-sided copies…which is usually since I hate wasting paper…today I plugged my new printer in (I have actually had it for 2 months but never used it…I prefer digital copies) and hit print…and get this…it printed side one…and then sucked the paper back in and printed side 2!!!! I am ecstatic!

2) I am thankful for new ace bandages. Although I don’t talk about it, my leg is still healing from the major cellulitis explosion I lived through in February.

On July 11th, when I was packing to house sit over the weekend for my sister, my ace bandages were driving me nuts so I thought I would take the weekend off. I never thought I would embark on a journey that would only see me in a home just last Thursday. From my sister’s house, I traveled to my grandparent’s house to stay with Nana while Grandpa healed from surgery. While I was there, the person Karen I were living with decided she was sick of us and insisted that I leave my grandparents and come get all our things or she would throw them away. Although, I knew legally she could not do this, I had come to realize that her emotional standing was tedious at best and even if it was illegal, she would make our life as hard a possible, if she wanted to, so Karen left me there while she went to attend to our cat and possessions. Ace bandages were not on my mind at the time. When we got home on July 28th we were living out of the same suitcase I had packed for a weekend and staying in motel rooms while we looked for a home. July 28 through the morning of the 31st we stayed in room 225 at The Monticello Motel. On the night of the 31st we stayed at another motel in Longview (that I am choosing to not mention and will never stay there again or recommend it to anyone…we didn’t even pull the blankets down to sleep on the sheets that night and there was no bathroom door). That weekend we housesat for my sister again (her house is very small to have accommodated us otherwise and I couldn’t bring myself to impose myself on her, although I am sure she would have let us stay there if we had asked). On August 3rd we stayed in a motel in Kelso (ugh!). August 4-7 our friends at The Monticello Hotel again blessed us with a great deal while we stayed in room 125 in the motel. My brother in law is renovating my aunt’s cabin so they needed us to stay with their dog, we took care of Charlie again that weekend. We came back to The Monticello Motel and stayed in room 222 until August 13th when we were told that an Extended Stay Hotel room had opened up and our friends wanted us to save a little money and get back on our feet financially…so we are now in the smallest and cutest apartment I have ever stayed in for a few months while we get back to working and building our credit and our dreams.

In all that time I was not wrapping my leg so it was growing and growing and growing. I was in tears last week because I walked by the bathroom mirror and saw that my calf was bigger than my thigh…we have been to the storage unit several times and haven’t found my bandages…so we bought new ones the other day. I have wrapped my leg for the last three days and i think my leg is smaller than it has been in over a year! It is ugly and scarred and discolored and it itches like hell…but I know it is healing now that water can’t collect as much under my skin.

PS I never watched the Hotel Hell episode regarding The Monticello Hotel. I don’t need to. Our for-profit, Exclaim Media Video & Marketing (meaning Karen and me) built their new website and did all the video you find on it and we already knew that they are always working on The Monticello to make it better. Every room we stayed in was clean and only one of them had not been completely renovated. The housekeeping staff and management are friendly and helpful. I implore you to recommend Monticello Hotel and Motel for your families when they come to visit.

3) I am thankful for my friend Jamie Holloway. With all the stuff going on in our life, I have not been able to schedule a trip to see her (she doesn’t live in Kelso-Longview) and I don’t foresee being able to go see her for at least another month. She is my oldest friend. We have gone through puberty, heartbreaks, great times and everything else together. She is an inspiration to me. She has been taking a sabbatical from media and I had began missing her terribly and hoping that nothing bad had happened to her…but we talked last night so I am very happy!

So here is the time to tag 2 people: Bonnie & Amanda please consider playing this game. For 5 days please share 3 things you are thankful for…Let’s spread some positivity! — feeling happy.

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