GOOD VIBES GAME (Day 2) | Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

1) I am thankful for my marriage. I have been best friends with Karen Gidderon for 12 years in October. Since we have been married, I feel like there are parts of me that were broken that are no longer broken, parts of me that were weak that are stronger, and parts of me that I knew were missing that have been found. There is an unmeasurable greatness in knowing that I have someone beside me always that wants what I want. Both of us have blossomed by knowing that. Professionally, personally and spiritually we have seen growth. We love taking care of each other.

2) I have lost two relationships since May and although accepting the loss and the good parts of the relationship that are no longer, I am thankful that the end came. I am a dedicated person and in the past have accepted a lot of emotional abuse, control and manipulation as part of relationship. I am not called to do that. Until these two people left, I didn’t understand the turmoil and stress they were causing in my personal, professional and spiritual path. I am grateful to My God who has carried me through the loss and pain and also showed me the bigger picture.

My personal mission is to love people as Jesus did, free of judgement, manipulation and control. I believe that God created the world, grace and salvation and all this implies and includes because He loved them. He has freed me from ownership and He is bringing me through the grieving process and forgiveness and showing me another level of my completed salvation in Him through this experience and gratitude abounds!

There are 3 kinds of relationships in my life: Family, Acquaintance and Friend. Family requires infinite grace because it is their job to teach us forgiveness (If you think about it, these are the people that taught you first and all your favorite and least favorite traits that you see in yourself you probably learned from them…thus the accepted stereotype of the difficulties of family events). Acquaintances, which are most relationships because emotionally we can only handle 1-6 Friends, depending on our emotional intellect. Acquaintances are cared for and enjoyed in the moment and easily forgiven because they are casual contacts, but little more. Friends are the family we get to choose and we should do whatever we can to help each other through life. These relationships have great merit and carry great responsibility because they are a relationship that can be likened to meat and potatoes, you have to put effort into processing Friend relationships, yet they are the sweetest and most personally fulfilling.

My Friends must have a similar mission statement in order for us to be able to live the battle of life on earth together. New people I am considering allowing into my Friend circle are now asked: Is there anything more important to you than people? If the answer is yes, that person will stay an Acquaintance. I am thankful for the loss of these 2 people because I will better be able to love people when I am not constantly healing from the pain of watching people be abused or personally being abused while they horde things, animals, and all the control they need to maintain their emotional unhealthiness.

3) I am very thankful to our friends at Monticello Hotel and Motel who have helped us during this time that Karen and I have found ourselves needing shelter. The tiny apartment we are living in is adorable and has given us the stability we need to get our finances in order and work hard on our professional goals. It has been amazing to have time as a married couple without worrying about the person we are living with and their needs.

So here is the time to tag 2 people: Dana Mac & Candy Katon-Brown please consider playing this game. For 5 days please share 3 things you are thankful for…Let’s spread some positivity! — feeling blessed.

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